Thursday, 17 January 2019


Hey Bloggers!

Sorry I haven't been so active lately I have been away on holiday. But speaking of holidays this is what this blog post is about.

Today for my blog post I will be talking about some of my favourite things I have done these holidays.

These holidays I have gone away to Cromwell and to Nelson

So first up I have my favourite things in Cromwell.

The first thing is yabbieing (pronounced yab-e-ing). Now if you don't know what a yabbie is it is basically like a small crayfish. the way you catch them is you got to a certain spots where you know they is yabbys and then you through in some bait atached to a string. For bait you can use things like which you can use things like fish guts, then you wait for them to come crawling towards it then you scoop it up inot a bucket. But before you put it inot the bucket always remember to check under the tale for eggs and if there is eggs then you have to put the yabbie back in the water.

Once we got back to the house with the yabbies we then cooked them. Once you cook them you then have to tail them because the tail is the only part of the yabbie that you eat.
Here are some photos of after they were cooked and we were tailing them.

My next favourite thing that we did in Cromwell is going to the lake. This is just so fun to do with family and just have a big day at the lake, one day we actaully ended up spending 6 hours at the lake.
Me and my cousins had so much fun that day and here are some photos.

My last favourite thing that we di in Cromwell was go on the Earnslaw which is a big boat and fun fact it was made the same year as the titanic. The Earnslaw was so fun we took off from Queenstown and then we ended up on the other side pf the lake and then we went to the farm park over there.
they were all so fun and here are some pictures.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Fantastic Beast's

Hey Bloggers!

Today for the third day of the summer learning journey the first task was to make your own fantastic beast just like the harry potter movie.
When I saw this task I got so excited because I loved the first fantastic beast's movie and I can't wait to watch the second one.

The first thing that I did was brain storm ideas of what to make so here is my brain storm:
  • A shark bird that breathes fire
  • A giraffe and a zebra that can ice skate and have lazer eyes 
  • a fish horse that chew through anything and swim in the sea 

But then I came up with this and it is my finished product.

Thank you for reading please comment feedback on what I can improve on next time.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Cactus

Hey Bloggers!

Today for my next blog post of the summer learning journey I will be doing a maths blog post.
For this we got given the task of reading about the cactus and then finding out that the cactus only needs 3mls of water per day.
So once we found that out we had to do a blog post teaching other people have to work out how much water a cactus would need for a whole year if you just gave it 3mls a day.

So here is my DLO on how to figure out this math equation.

I hope you learned something new today
Thankyou for reading my blog please comment what I can improve on next time.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Tāne Mahuta

Hey bloggers!

It is time for day two of my summer learning journey and today the first activity is to write a blog post about Tāne Mahuta which the NZ kauri tree and this tree is only in New Zealand which means that no where else in the world has the pleasure of having this beautiful tree.

Now for this blog post they gave us the task of answering if we would ever like to go and visit this tree in real life.

Now me personally I would love to go and visit this amazing tree. Because I feel like this would be a great opportunity to see more of the amazing wonders of New Zealand. Also because it would be great to see more amazing things in this world before they could possibly become extinct or other countries start to produce them and then it isn't just special to NZ.

So that is my opinion on if i would like to go and visit these trees. Would you like to go and visit these trees?

Thank you for reading and please leave feedback in the comments on what I can improve on.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Christchurch City

Hey bloggers!

Today for the summer learning journey my second task was to right about my hometown.
My hometown is christchurch city.

Christchurch is one of the three biggest citys in New Zealand along sidee Wellington and with Auckland being the biggest.

I am so happy to call christchurch my home because there are so many different and cool things to do here. We also have so many great playgrounds, beaches and a great museum with many different historic things in it.

Image result for photos of the christchurch museumsource of photo

source of photo
Image result for margaret mahy playground

I am so happy to Christchurch my home because it is a beautiful, amazing and happy place.

Thankx for reading bloggers.
please leave feedback in the comments on what I can improve on.

Our Great NZ

Hey bloggers!

This week is the start of the summer learning journey. The summer learnng journey is a programme that helps you to keep up your learning over the holdays. If you are interested about the summer learning journey and want to know more than please go to their website.

Each week we have a new subject that we have to do different activites about. Today the first activity was about "the legend of New Zealand" and then we had to write a blog post about our top three fun facts.

These were my top three fun facts:

1. it was the first major nation to allow woman to vote legally.

2. Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the sunrise because it is 496.3 kilometre from the international date line.

3.The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland although Wellington is the capital.
(source for my information)

(source for photo)
Thanks for reading bloggers.
please leave feedback in the comments on what I should improve on.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Paddle Boarding

Yesterday the year 8's from Rimu class went paddle boarding at lake rua for the day.
when I was getting ready for the day I was a bit nervous for how it was going to go but then I ended up finding it really easy.

At paddle boarding we went into two groups, my group firstly went on the single paddle boards and had a turn on those and then we went on the big one all together and we did really well on that as a group especially when me and my friend Ariana were leading the group. Until...

My friend "accidentally" pushed me off her is a photo of that. that is me right in the corner next to the stick.
here is some more photos of the day.