Friday, 21 September 2018

Post Test

This week we had our post test for our narrative writing block. We had to do a post test because recently we have been learning how to write a good narrative. Before we even started learning about narratives we had to write do a pre test.

As we went through the process of learning how to write a good narrative we were reading this book called the Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. The reason we read this book is because Robert Swindells has used amazing language and we wanted to learn to use a bit more about emotive language and using more description. (I highly suggest this book).

This book had great language and really amazing description. I think that this book was a great example of how a narrative should be written and a great example for us as a class to reflect off of.

In this process we started out by having to fill in the blanks from a part of the story and having to make it our own. After that we had to start writing our own paragraphs and turn the story into our own after we had written our own paragraph we then at the end of the session compared it to Robert Swindells writing as a class.

As I went through this process I found that there were alot of things that I still had to learn about writing a narrative story.
So today I finished my narrative and published it is and I want to share it with you guys here it is.

Here is the link to my story (sorry that I couldn't get it straight up on the screen)

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

My Inquiry

For the past 3 weeks we have been working on a inquiry about rubbish.
We started this inquiry because we went on a class trip to the ecodrop or what some people would call the dump or the landfill.
We had to go through a long process (super long) before we actually got to start our inquiry.
Firstly we did lots of group work then we got to start a mini inquiry inside of our big inquiry.
each group got given a topic on what we had to research about i got plastic and this is a little biteable i made with some facts on it.

Friday, 7 September 2018

My Mini Inquiry

This week we got the tasks to do a mini inquiry on rubbish.
Each group had a type of rubbish that they had to research and learn about.
First we had to brainstorm things that we already new about the topic that you were given.
My topic was plastic.
Once we had brain brainstormed we had to find out some more information and then note take on what we had learnt.
I found a really cool video of a woman that only collected one jar of rubbish over four years.
She was able to do this by going to supermarkets where you are aloud to take your own containers and use those instead of buying packaged food that is covered in plastic.

She was also able to do this by composting and recycling lots of her stuff and not uing unnecessary things. 
Here is the slide of what I did my work on.

Friday, 24 August 2018

My Speech

For the past four weeks we have been working on speeches and how to improve them.
In the first week we had to look at lots of different speeches and then evaluate them.
After we had evaluated a few speeches we had some tasks.

Next we had to look at a new speech that someone had written and improve it.
After that we were given time to write a practice speech and we had to choose from one of the topics that the teachers gave us.

Once we had done three speech practice we then started to make our actual speeches.

I decided to do my speech on how suicide can be prevented.

I decided to do this topic because i feel it is a really strong topic to talk about.

A Waste Of Time

On Wednesday we went to Eco sort. If you don't know what it is, it is a place where
recycling goes and gets separated into different piles to be then made into new things.
We went on the trip in two groups the first group in the morning, and then the second group after lunch.At the trip you learn all different things like how you can reuse, reduce and recycle and
use different stuff again and turn it into new things.

We had this leader called Chris we did lots of activities with him. He had a yellow wheelie top bin
which had all different types recycling in it. Then each of us had a card that had a different type
of recycling on it. I had mix grade paper but there were other ones like plastic number 2 which was
milk bottles and then other stuff like that. Then he dumped out the wheelie bin with all this clean  
recycling in it, and then when he called out a certain type of recycling you had to run up and empty
as much as you could from the pile.

After we had done all of these activities we went to see the ecodrop, Which some people make all
the dump all the Landfill. After that we went to the Eco shop we were each give it a pretend $500
to buy stuff for Pretend flats if we were going out flatting.

We were each given a form that we had to fill out and write what stuff we would buy for our Flats.

When we got back to school we were put into groups to do an enquiry of how we think the trip went.
We had to do some activities, there were activities where we had to reflect on how we think the day went
at the eco trip and how much we enjoyed it. Then we had to do a reflection on how we think the
group went and work together as a group. We had to do  fill in a sheet which had columns and in the first
column is positives, the second column had minuses and the third column was Improvements.

So in the first column,n we put positives that were within the group and how we work together.
In the second column,n we put how we think the group didn't work very well together and what the
negatives were about the group, in the third column we put how we think we can improve this minuses
and make the group better.

Overall I think the group works quite well together and I also think that you could trip was really fun.

Here are some of the work that we did about the Eco trip and how I think the Eco trip went.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Maths Week

This week was math week and in rimu we made tiny houses.
But before we got to make the actual tiny house we had to go through a process.
Firstly we had to look at all the directions to make sure what we were doing was correct and we had
to refer to Those directions.

Secondly we had to make a rough draft so that would be our plan for our tiny houses. For the rough
draft we had a checklist of things that we had to put in our house there were normal things that every
other house would have. And those were our requirements for the house.

After that we had to create our final version of the house and choose all the colours and all the little
details that we wanted and our final house when we made it.

Once we had done all that we had a checklist of things that we had to do the area and perimeter of.
There were all different things like we had to do the area and perimeter of the walls roof and floor we
also had to do things like the refrigerator the paintings and stuff like that.

After that we actually started to make our houses we had to cut out all of the things that we needed for
it and turn them into 3D we also had to colour in and make everything very colourful and personalised.
We also had to make sure that everything actually fit into the house and if it didn't we had to downsize
and make things better.

Then we had to colour in the outside of the house and do the garden and everything like that and it all
had to be very detailed so it looks like a real house. Then we had to reflect on how we thought the
process was. and this is my reflection on how I thought the process went:
. The most challenging part of this project was…. Folding the little parts together because it was hard to put them together.

. It was challenging because … You don't know what your partner is thinking in there head and if you are on the same page.

. My favourite part of this project was …. Because… puting the whole house together because it is like doing arts and crafts and i like arts and crafts.
. One thing that surprised me was … because … how easy the area and perimeter because i thought it was going to be harder.
These are some pictures and photos:

Friday, 10 August 2018

William Pike Challenge

On Wednesday the year 7 and 8s in rimu class wen to spencer park for one of our william pike challenges. At spencer park we got to mix with another school called rangi ruru girls school. We got to do all types of things like team building, orienteering and building a hut in the woods. the day was really fun and here are some photos.