Thursday, 15 November 2018

Athletic Zones

On Monday 12th of november the qualifying people for zones at yaldhurst went to compete with the rest of the selwyn district schools.

I was in for:
100m sprints
long jump

There were quite a lot of us from yaldhurst going to zones. Me and my friend Ariana were the only year 8's going to zones.

when the bus got to school we all hopped on and we were all really excited.
Me and Ariana were really nervous but also super excited.
when we got there we saw all of the other schools had found there spots and set up their shade sales and poles saying what the name is of their school.

My first event was at 11 but they were running really behind so by the time I actully did my race it was already at least 11:30 I came last in that race.
then once I had done that i had long jump at 12:30 but it was more like 1 and I jumped 3.43 which i am really proud of.
after that I almost missed my discuss but I didn't. for my discuss I ended up throwing 19.7m with a 1kg disc.
overall i was really proud of myself for how well i did.

I hope you guys enjoyed my blog thank you for reading.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Novel study

Novel study

This term in rimu we have started to do a novel study.
Each reading group has a different book to read for
their novel study.  
For my group the book is; Enemy At The Gate By Philippa
Now when we read this book we have a set task of things
that we have to do throughout
the book before we read the boom and after we read the book.
One of the activities in the slides is to do an about the author
study and find out as much
information as we could and then we had t present it in a cool
I decided to present mine in a prezi.
Now for my author i couldn't find out much about her so I
actually ended up emailing her
and doing a questionnaire and she answered them all for me.

And here is the link to it. link

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


On Friday the 2 of november rimu class went sailing at lake rua.
We were all loading onto the bus at around about 9:15 in the morning. There was about 35 of us
because some of the class was away. In the bus there was still a lot of spare seats we got quite a
big bus. But I guess they got a big bus just incase the whole class was there.
When we got into the bus I looked at the seats and I thought wow they look scodey. I sat down near
the back of the bus with my bestest friend Ariana. “My bag” Ariana had forgot her bag of towels in the
classroom. She pushed down the aisle against everyone trying to get into the bus as she was trying
to get out. But eventually she got out of the bus and ran back to the classroom then back to the bus
with her bag of towels.

“Got everything now Ariana” I said “yep” she said back. “
“Ready to go now everyone” Mrs Taylor said “yesss” everyone sighed back.

In the stinking hot bus there were kids yelling, singing, talking, moaning (about how hot it was).
The bus trip was a short drive because it was only about ten minutes away. The lake is roughly in
between the airport and orana park if you know where those places are.

Once we got there we all piled outed of the bus looking around to see what the place was
like and where we were going to be going on boats. “What this is way smaller than what i
thought it was going to” “look at how tiny the boats are” I heard people complaining about.

Now you see I already knew what I was getting into because last year I did this with my class as
well. Me and my best friend (Ariana) stood there (to be honest a little disappointed I remembered it
differently) looking at the water. “This way guys lets go” I heard my teacher say.

“A dead fish” I heard one of the kids yell. There was a dead fish; lying on the ground eyes
looking up not floundering or moving about, it was definitely dead.

“Hey guys” one of the instructors said to the group. “Hiiiii” the group said in a sigh as if we all
didn’t want to be there or we were tired.

Next I sat down and the instructors introduced themselves. After we had done that one of the
instructors taught us how to rig a boat. To be honest I didn’t want to do this I just wanted the instructors
to do it for me. Me and my friend Ariana were the first ones done to rig our boats. Then we got
out boats all checked off and went to go sit back down with the group.

After we are done that instructors taught us how to sit on the boat and how to move from side to side.
Once we had done that we went to the other side of lake.

We then had one turn each but after that it was time to have morning tea so we walked back
to the other side of the lake and sat down on the tarpolines because the grass was a bit wet and had
morning tea and a drink of water. We had to remember to keep hydrated because we were doing so
many activities.

After we had eaten morning tea we went back to the other side of the lake. And for the rest
of the day we just had turns going on a lake and having fun.

I went on the first time I went on I was not very good but the second time I got better and I really
started to enjoy it. So because I was enjoying it so much I keep going on and having lots and lots
of  turns.

When the day was over we got changed into our clothes and we got into the bus to leave.But when
we got into the bus to leave they couldn't get the gate open they couldn't find the key to undo the
padlock so we had to wait on the bus for almost 20 minutes for someone to come and cut the padlock.
The owner ended up coming and cutting the padlock open with a grinder.

Then we went back to school and went home.

Bye bloggers!

Friday, 26 October 2018

Uru Manuka Cultural Festival

On Wednesday night Yaldhurst Model School kapa haka group took part in a kapa haka festival.

our kapa haka group was the only one with year 1 - 8 students in it every other group was from year 3 and up to year 8. when we got there it started to feel very real and i started to get really nervous about going on stage and performing in front of lots of people.

In the group I got to lead the whole entire performance and I got to wear a korowai because I was the leader of the group.

Once I got on stage the nerves started to go away and I started to feel really excited. After the performance we were all really proud of ourselves and were really happy with the performance we gave and here are some photos from the night.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Student council

For student council we made short stories. We made short stories about our hero values at school the values are.
Healthy Individuals
Enthusiastic Learners
Responsible Citizen
Open-minded Explorer

I did mine on open-minded explorer. Firstly we did it on paper and had a structure that we had to follow. After that we wrote it on a doc  and edited it and changed it. And after that we put it into a animation and published it . Here is my finished product. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Novel Study

Hi Guys!
For Term 4 we have started a Novel Study. 

We are doing this to really focus on understanding what we are reading instead of just reading it and then not understanding what we just read or just not even remembering what we have just read.
Each group in reading has a different book depending on what level they are at in reading and what we are capable of reading. 

My book for my group is (treasure island) Enemy At The Gate, By Philippa Werry.
When I first read the blurb of the book I thought that it looked very interesting and really made me want to read it. This is what the blurb is if you are interested.

"being in quarantine sounds like being in a prison" I said shivering. Lily nodded. " A bit like that. Except that the prison is your own home". "Or like being in a besieged castle" I said, thinking aloud. "with an invisible enemy at the gate".

Doesn't that just want to make you read more. And this is what the story is about

"It's December 1936 when the first polio cases are suspected. Soon a polio epidemic is sweeping the country. Schools are closed, swimming pools and movie theatres banned to children, and travel is restricted. Tom is the best runner in the school, but you can't outrun polio, and nobody knows when it will strike next. and twelve year old Tom is all caught up in the confusion".

So basically the story is a about a twelve year old boy named Tom and his family and their story. I really like this story because it is by a kiwi author and is based in NZ. I also like this because it really shows the raw truth of what life was like back in the day because in the story he talks about how his best friend Charlie and his family are quite poor and most of the time all they can afford for dinner is bread and dripping.

I would highly suggest this book to anyone and everyone because it is just so well written.

But before we could even start reading the book we had a few activities that we had to do first.

Firstly, we had to write all the facts that we already knew about the book by just looking at the front and back cover.

Secondly, we had to write about what we thought the book would be about just by the first look. 

 I hope you guys enjoyed here is the front cover.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Student Summit

Yesterday at Yaldhurst we had house reward time. House reward time is where in each house once you get to 300 hero cards  youthen get a reward it could be many different things like movie and popcorn or pool party or outside time or anything like that. My house is Rutherford. We got bring a toy but not many people remembered so we ended up playing with lego and playing board games.

I am the house leader so I go around and hang out with all the younger kids and make sure they are having fun at house rewards time. I think this is a great way to reward kids and give them a prize onec they earn hero cards. 

Hero cards are little slips that we get given if we do something impressive or if our work is to a rally high standard. We also have hero certificates. So once you get to 20 hero cards you get a certificate and then for 40 60 80 hero cards you also get a certificate but one you get 100 you get a badge but i don't know what happens when you get to 200 because no one has ever gotten 200 hero cards.

Tomorrow we have a hero certificate assembly and  I hope that I get 100 because the last hero assembly I got a 80 hero card certificate so I think that I have made it to 100 (Hopefully).

Here are some photos from the hero reward time.