Friday, 25 May 2018

Hooked On Book Week

This week we had our first hooked on books week. Hooked on books week is where everyday for the whole five days of school we get a new book. On day one we got a book called the honest truth which is a book about a boy who has cancer and runs away to climb a mountain. On the tuesday and wednesday i was away sick. But then on thursday we got a book called a fish in a tree which is about a little girl who was dyslexia and struggles with reading and doesn't want to ask for help. then today we have a book which is called The person controller which is about a pair of twins who love video games and there video game controller changes and starts to control people. The point of Hooked On Book Week is so that we can learn different genres of books and different writing styles.

Here are some photos from this week.

Friday, 18 May 2018


Last week we learnt a new type of maths called BEDMAS i really like using bedmas because I find it much easier to use. Then today we had the task of making a D.L.O of what we had learned. Me and my friend ariana decided to make a funny video it was really hard because the choreography for it was really fast but in the end we got it. I hope you guys like the video we made and have a laugh.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Non Chronological Writing

For the first two weeks of term two we have been learning about Non Chronological reports.

We learnt what a non chronological report is. the first thing we learnt was a non chronological report is non fiction, then we had a task of reading a non chronological report and had to look at talk about it and what we thought was interesting about it.

What i found hard about writing a non chronological report is writing in third person because i am used to writing stories in first person.

How I improved my writing it i wrote the story and then after that the teacher commented on it what we needed to improve then we had to rewrite the story.

Here is my story:

On september 21st Adidas made a new shoe called Asusbi™ Pom (awesome shoe u should buy it personal own money). This shoe is pretty amazing it is able to do many thing such as it is able to make people bounce with the springs inside it, hold the buyers money in safe little pockets, it has really good soles that are really squishy and help with  posture.


They are only $3000NZD which is only the second most expensive shoe in the world. They priced them to this much because of what the sole is made out of to give lots of comfort to the people that wear them.

The Test

Adidas decided to test them by getting 15 people all different ages to try them for 14 days to see how each person liked them. They started at the age four and then gave one to each person going up in fours so they gave one to a 4 year old, 8  year old, 12 year old, 16 year old so on and so forth.

The Instructions

They told all the people that were trying them out that they should just do everything normally as they would on a normal day. They also told the people to keep a diary entry and record how they felt at the end of each day.


Most people said that they were definitely the comfiest shoes they have ever worn but no one said that they would buy them because  of how expensive they were. Some people also said that they did feel like it would make it easier to do a work out like they could just watch T.V. and bounce on the spot or something like that. Some of the younger children said that they liked bouncing around and that the shoes were just really fun. Some people also said that with the cushioning there feet didn’t get as sore during the day as they normally would if they had there normal shoes on. One person said that it helped them sleep better at night because it helped with there posture during the day so there back felt better.


In the end no one ended up buying them except for trump because no one else could afford them.

Friday, 4 May 2018

May The Fourth

Today in rimu class we had a star wars dress up day for may the fourth. our teachers made it so fun by making us not do like any work at all. and all we  did was make mini star wars characters out of nets they were just meant to be for math time but ended up being the whole entire first half of the day. here are a few awesome pictures of the day.

Friday, 13 April 2018

My Reading Work For Term One 2018

this term we read a book called there's a boy in the girls bathroom it is about a boy called bradley chalkers. After we read the boom we had to do a novel study on it here mine is.

Writing Work For Term One 2018

This term for writing we have been doing all different types of things like studyladder long writes 15 minute writer's writing activities and stuff like that. But my groups main focus is  iSpace, Word Order & Quick Write. We had to make sure we used iSpace which is ing words, similes, prepositions, adverbs, connectives and ed words. Quick write is when you have to try and write a decent amount of writing in the amount of time you are given.

My Maths Learning For Term One 2018

This term for math we have been learning how to multiply add divide and minus decimal places. also every few weeks we would have a new investigation here are the investigations from the past few weeks.
this was the first one.
this was the second one

and this was  the last one